Dream on


Tape rocks

Did this quick piece using sticky tape at a warehouse party somewhere in Hackney Wick

Stranger Songs

Just finished this poster for friend Chris's folk night Stranger Songs in Cheltenham. The poster will be inserted into the cases of compilation CDs featuring the artists involved with the event.

Sneaker script

Had to buy this lovely new typeface Sneaker Sript from the Flat-it type foundry. Can get some wicked results from the clever Opentype features. Look forward to putting it to some proper use.


Practical Printers

This place near my flat on Englefield Road looks like it's been out of business for a long time.


DIY Collage kit

Got this rad "Diy collage kit" from the lovely little Cherry Cherry shop in Norwich. At a fiver a pop, it seemed like a very generous offering from the artist Anthony Zinonos. I think I'd be very reluctant to part with some of the treats in these little goodie bags. He must be drowning in Ephemeral crap at home!